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Waterfall Hills | Canton MA

Installation of erosion and sediment control devices. Installation of temporary cofferdams and bypass piping. Removal and disposal of the existing spillway structure. Excavation of existing stone fill and rip rap in the project area, stockpiling for reuse. Placing downstream rip rap scour protection. Removing the temporary cofferdam, bypass pipes and associated back-filling. Clean site, restore impoundment elevation and disturbed areas, and demobilize.



Limerock Dam | Marine/Dam

Installation of erosion and sediment control devices. Construct access road and staging area. Drawdown impoundment and construct temporary cofferdam and diversion structures. Clear and grub all brush, trees and vegetation, including stumps as indicated. Demolish, remove and dispose existing site features indicated for removal. Excavate to the lines and grades indicated. More on description below.