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Walmart | Westfield

The project involves reconstruction of approx. 2500 M (1.6 Miles) of state highways as well as Park Square in the center of downtown Westfield. The work includes tree removal, full depth roadway reconstruction, building and bridge demolition, water lines, storm drainage, granite seatwalls, lighting, traffic signals, granite paving, landscaping and site furnishings.

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MDOT-Highway Division, District 2
Project Highlights:

23,000 CM (30,000 CY)of excavation

28,000 SM (33,500 SY)of Reinforced Concrete Excavation

14,000 CM (18,200 CY)of gravel borrow

2,000 M (6,500 LF)of storm drain piping

4,800 M (15,700 LF)of water lines

6,400 M (21,000 LF) of granite curbing

25,000 MG (27,500 tons) of bituminous concrete paving

Reconstruction of traffic signals at 9 locations

Ornamental finish work includes precast and granite pavers, a water fountain feature, lighting, flag poles, site furnishings and imprinted crosswalks.

The challenge of this project is keeping traffic flowing in a city with a population of 40,000.  While the impact to surrounding residents and businesses can not be totally avoided, we are continuously communicating with local officials and business owners regarding the work schedule and planned activities.

The other main challenge is that when the existing roadway is excavated during full depth reconstruction, all the other utility companies need to jump in to relocate their facilities.  Trying to coordinate them and not cause us delays was especially challenging.

We empathized with the City of Westfield during construction as the City was without this community resource for 2 plus years.  The end result was well worth the wait and inconvenience.