Commitment to Safety


Safety is paramount.  JH Lynch & Sons is dedicated to assure a healthy and safe working environment, while maintaining the protection of the general public. Commitment to our comprehensive Safety and Health Loss Control Program has always resulted in an Experience Modification Ratio below 1.0, which is enforced by our full time Safety Officer and staff. It is our policy to reduce accidents, injuries and work-related ill health to the lowest level practicable.

J. H. Lynch Safety and Health Loss Control Program has been prepared to assist this Company in satisfying its moral, contractual and legal accident prevention responsibilities, in such a manner that a safe, efficient operation is attained. By combining our commitment to safety with the skills of our management team, engineers, designers, project managers and craftsmen on the job site, Lynch is able to substantially reduce exposure, control cost, time and ensure the highest quality.

All our employees are given the necessary information and training to ensure their safety during the execution of their tasks.  Lynch is dedicated to providing all equipment and tools necessary to maintain a safe work environment.Risk assessments, audits and general inspections are undertaken at regular intervals by those trained to do so. This enables management to identify potential hazards and plan for their elimination, reduction and control.

Safety and Health Loss Control Program: 48 Safety Programs.