Phase VI Area 3-1

Johnston, RI


Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation


42 Months




Lynch performed construction of a 15 acre plus multi-layer landfill baseliner system for the Phase VI area 3-1 and is currently constructing three additional sideslope baseliner systems consisting of Areas 3-1A, 3-1B, and 3-1C totaling an additional 30 acres at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's landfill facility in Johnston, RI.

Lynch submitted a successful bid proposal in May of 2017 to expand the baseliner system in Phase VI Area 3-1 to keep up with loading rates as the Rhode Island Resource Recovery’s 1,040 acre facility in Johnston provides disposal services to 97 percent of RI residents, currently about 3,800 tons of trash per day. The facility is home to five major operations including the Central Landfill, a sanitary landfill, meaning it is designed, engineered, and operated to keep trash out of the surrounding environment. With a protective baseliner, daily cover on trash, capture and treatment of leachate (wastewater), conversion of gas into energy, and a final capping system, the Landfill is a feat of environmental engineering. The scope of work for Phase VI expansion includes site preparation consisting of tree clearing, installation of erosion and sediment controls, earth excavation, drilling and blasting of bedrock and subsequent processing for reuse in preparation for baseliner installation. The baseliner consists of several layers of geosynthetic clay and high density polyethylene geomembranes and provides an impermeable layer to insure that the trash is contained in the Landfill, and does not infiltrate into the surrounding environment. Lynch is utilizing the latest in GPS technology in our fleet of earthmoving equipment to insure that the project is installed to correct lines and grades in accordance with project specifications and schedule so that the landfill can continue to operate efficiently.

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